Gemini Wind Park obtains ISO 55001 certification

First offshore wind park project at sea

to achieve this accreditation

Wind parks can also be ISO certified. Gemini was the first single purpose offshore wind park to achieve the ISO 55001 certificate, a unique achievement. It is the reward for an intensive process deployed by the Gemini management team and the organisation in December 2016.

Only one year and two months after the official inauguration on 8 May 2017, Gemini has been awarded the ISO 55001 certification of Lloyds Register. This makes Gemini the first single purpose offshore windmill project to achieve such an accreditation. The success of this achievement lies in the strong involvement of both the management team and the Gemini team that embraced this goal. In December 2016, Gemini started the process for the development and implementation of an asset management system for the operational phase of the 600 MW project. The aim was to achieve the ISO 55001 asset management certification. The scope included the development of a tailor-made Quality Management System (QMS) and a structured, risk-based approach to asset management. This approach will be followed by the Gemini team organisation during the entire operational phase, which the project has just begun. The system ensures that risk awareness and continuous improvement are central throughout the life of the project.

The British consultancy firm Aeolus was selected to lead this process and the system was developed in close collaboration with Gemini's management team and with the involvement of CMS, an ISO 55001 consulting firm, to ensure that the system would support Gemini's working culture and would be fully compliant with ISO 55001 requirements. The result is a QMS system that helps the Gemini team stay focused on the most important aspects of Gemini and put the daily activities first. It helps Gemini anticipate potential risks and opportunities as a result of a risk-based decision-making approach that leads to more informed decisions. The ISO accreditation provides a means to ensure an excellent asset management system and to continuously improve Gemini's performance.

‘The asset management system uses a risk-based decision-making approach that helps Gemini stay ahead of potential risks and opportunities, which results in better-informed decisions.’


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