Gemini delivers 24/7

‘The technical availability

is excellent’

It was the promise he made during the construction: “Soon we will have to supply 24/7.” Bart Hoefakker was very busy at the time making careful preparations for the phase of management, operations and maintenance. After commissioning in the spring of 2017, that phase has now arrived. What is the current situation of the park?

“‘We reached full operations in May 2017. I am very satisfied with our performance since then. What we envisioned has come to life. We started – almost unnoticed – while the construction was still in full swing. And now we have completely taken over the park and we are continuously looking for opportunities to perform even better.” Hoefakker mentions the systematic thinking in terms of ‘plan, do, check and act’ as an example: “It means continuing to look closely at your costs, but also at your performance.”

That is a pleasurable challenge with the people surrounding him: “I have been able to put together a proper team. The different characters fit well together. They are unique people who, together, provide for sufficient diversity. They are calm, but in the meantime they are always looking for the finishing touch – how we can do things just a little better. Our team is also small, so people have a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to develop themselves. At Gemini, learning is allowed and is made possible.”




‘Try to find the common interest together and then go for it. We are constantly working on that.’

Making connections

Looking at the park’s performance – the 150 workhorses from Siemens, with the 4MW turbines – Hoefakker is just as satisfied. “The technical availability is excellent. We said: If there is wind, the windmills must operate. And we have done that.” The maintenance teams in the park also work well: “Technically and organisationally. We have said from the beginning that we want to make connections with our maintenance people and companies. Try to find the common interest and go for it. We are continuously working on it.”


Another of Bart’s tasks is to keep Gemini’s shareholders up to date of the park’s performance. “Here, too, we are very proactive. The board receives an operations update every month. This works well. It’s also part of my personal motto: Always one step ahead.”




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