Pin Living on Wind as favourite on home screen

The Living on Wind digital magazine can be ‘pinned’ easily on your mobile device. This enables you to re-read and save the magazine easily, without having to search for it. Each system has its own method:


Open Safari. There is a ‘+’ sign or a square in the bottom bar with an arrow at the top (depending on your iOS version). Click on this and select ‘pin to start screen’ (the icon with a +). A screen appears on which the title can be altered if preferred. Click on ‘add’ and the icon will be pinned to your home screen (just like an app).



Open the default browser and open the website. Use the menu button and add to favourites by selecting ‘more’ and then ‘bookmark page’ or ‘add favourite’. Click on ‘OK’. Go back to the home screen. Press and hold in an empty space on your screen’s background. Select ‘shortcuts’ and then ‘bookmarks’ or ‘favourites’. Select the bookmark you have just created. Depending on the version, the icon will now be shown in ‘favourites’ with the website’s favicon (the same icon that is shown in the address bar), an icon will be specified in the website or a mini screen capture of the home page.


Windows Phone

Here too you should first surf for the desired website via the standard browser. Click on ‘more....’ and then on ‘pin to home’. A new tile will be pinned to the home screen.




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